Bilateral meeting of Turkish and Bulgarian customs administrations


A regular meeting of the customs administrations of the Republic of Bulgaria and Turkey was held at Kapakule on June 21. In the spirit of deepening the friendly relations and cooperation were discussed professional issues of interest to both countries. A key issue was the exchange of information targeted at successfully combating frauds and customs violations, and problems related to transit of goods and correct application of the TIR Convention. Creating a coherent organization for faster checks and usage of the resources of both countries in customs checks were also a major issue of the discussion. Turkish customs officers received detailed information by their Bulgarian colleagues on the implementation of Regulations 648/2005 and 1875/2006 as of 01/01/2011. The Bulgarian officers informed their Turkish colleagues about the rules for the vignette stamps and the checks that would be carried out when exiting the country. It was given a brochure on the subject in English and Bulgarian.