Over 4 tons of illegal cigarettes seized by customs officials at Kulata crossing


Customs officials at Kulata border checkpoint have seized over 4 tons of illegal cigarettes, press centre of the National Customs Agency announced.
Cigarettes were found in a fridge trailer of a truck owned by Yambol's company. The truck was traveling for Romania. The driver of the truck was a Greek citizen with initials G.N.K. According to documents the truck was carrying a shipment of a Greek company - 24 tons of carrots, packed in cardboard boxes and 26 pallets. In fact, only a few cardboard boxes contained carrots, and other boxes were filled with cigarettes. Cigarettes were Ukrainian - "Prima Lux", with inscriptions duty free.
Contraband shipment was discovered during a weight test of the truck. Customs officials found suspicious overloading in some part of the axes. Customs mobile group arrived at the site, which performed a thorough customs controls and found the cigarettes. According to initial data there were more than 200 master-boxes (100 000 boxes) of illegal cigarettes into the truck.
This is an example of a classic method for smuggling, popular under the name "cap".