Individual text to help people when working with Combined Nomenclature


The ‘Customs Tariff' rubric offers individual texts to the Combined Nomenclature of the EU for 2010. The texts have been worked out in the frames of a project realized in cooperation between the National Customs Agency and the National Statistical Institute on teh one hand and Eurostat on the other.
The individual texts are an aid for intrastate and extrastat declarers. They provide explaination of codes under the Combined Nomenclature, by aggregating the entire infotmation provided in the text, the enclosed texts and the previous sub-positions for description and coding of the goods.
The individual texts are a material of interpretation and do not have the legal power of the texts in the Combined Nomenclature of the EU itself.
The texts may be used for consultations on the official website of the National Cusoms Agency in it ‘Customs Tariffs' rubric.