Custom officers at Sofia Airport seized EUR 60 000 and 4 "full" skiming devices

Customs officers of the unit for combating drug trafficking at Sofia Airport have seized 60,000 undeclared euros. The money was carried in hand luggage - a backpack, owed by a Czech citizen, arriving on a flight from Vienna. 34, M.P. often traveled on business and speak Bulgarian fluently. He headed to the green corridor, but the custom officers stopped him for a detailed check. The inspectors found in his luggage a pile of brand new banknotes of 500 Euro.
Meanwhile on Saturday, customs officers from Customs Sofia Airport arrested four devices for recording data from bankcards. The devices were hidden in the flash memory and traveled by courier from the U.S. to Bulgaria. Already found skiming devices were "full", ie containing data of bankcards. Perhaps they were installed in ATMs in the U.S. and were now back in Bulgaria to clone credit and debit cards.