Customs officers execute special operation against illegal vegetables, fruit import


Early on Friday officers with the mobile customs groups, the Inspectorate with the National Customs Agency, Sofia Customs and the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime launched mass check-ups at the goods exchange in Sofia, the press office of the National Customs Agency informs.
The actions come as a result of the numerous complains and claims filed by producers and importers over illegal import of fruits and vegetables, price dumping and unfair competition.
In the frames of the check-ups, authorities ascertained that no physical control has been exerted on the goods on behalf of the National Customs Agency, as well as that in many cases the trucks used to unload the shipment and then present the documents to the customs officers, which hides risk for illegal actions.
Up to now, authorities have detected 11 trucks, which have unloaded their shipment before the customs processing of the required documents. Part of the goods has been even sold before the traders obtain a permit for it.
This is not the first action of the National Customs Agency aiming to protect the local production against illegal import of fruits and vegetables.
Over the years, there have been complaints that the illegal import of agricultural production dumps the price of local fruits and vegetables and traders have to sell them below their real value.