Undeclared USD 61 000 seized at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint


Malko Tarnovo. Customs officials at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint have seized undeclared USD 61 000, the National Customs Agency announced. A Chrysler Voyager car with Bulgarian license plate arrives at Malko Turnovo border checkpint with two passengers. The car is driven by a Turkish citizen living in Sofia. 47-year-old K.T. stated he has no currency and values to declare, because he is carrying only USD 10,000, ie an amount below the limit.
In examining the customs officials found in the glove compartment of the car and into the pockets of passengers another USD 51 000.
The total amount of the currency is USD 61,000 dollars, which in BGN is equal to 97 000. The currency was seized.