14kg of tobacco, 1,200 pieces of cigarettes seized at Kapitan Petko Voyvoda border checkpoint


On 11.07.2010, customs officers with Kapitan Petko Voyvoda border checkpoint seized 14 kilos of tobacco and 1,200 pieces of cigarettes in the frames of a check-up on cars with Turkish and Bulgarian registration. The vehicles were driven by a father and his son.
There were other 7 passengers in the vehicles.
Customs officers got suspicious because of the untraditional route chosen by the drivers, who were heading to coastal city of Aytos, passing thought Kapitan Petko Voyvoda border checkpoint.
During the customs check, the inspectors found tobacco for smoking, divided into 250 grams packages, hidden close to the engine. The tobacco lacked the required excise label.
In the luggage, authorities also found 60 cartons of cigarettes, again without excise label.
The smuggled excise goods are worth around BGN 5,100. Under the Criminal Code, in such cases the offender is sentenced to 1 to 6 years in jail and a fine of up to 10-time the value of the market price of the goods.