Smuggled cigarettes seized in shipment of peaches, sheet iron, threads


Two TIR trucks transporting illegal cigarettes have been detained at Kulata border checkpoint overnight.
One of the TIR trucks was transporting 600 masterboxes (6,000,000 pieces) of Capital, Raquel and Wellton cigarette brands.
The second truck was detained later on, it was transporting 735 masterboxes of cigarettes (7,350,000 pieces) of Capital.
The total amount of the cigarettes runs to 13,350,000 pieces or 1,335 masterboxes.
Both trucks are with Bulgarian registration, while the drivers have Greek passports.
According to the presented documents the first truck was supposed to transport threads to the Netherlands, while the second - peaches for Romania.
When checking the first truck, customs officers noticed that the weight of the truck is not equally balanced. A thorough check revealed that the shipment consists of only 2 lines of threads, while the rest of it was full of cigarettes.
A couple of hours later, authorities seized a second truck.
An overall check-up revealed that apart from the regular shipment of peaches, there was a division line made of iron sheet, which was supposed to balance the weight and thus deceive the authorities.