3 times less cigarettes with old excise label to be destroyed in 2010


Summarized data shows that in 2010 the National Customs Agency (NCA) will have to recover some BGN 62 million for excise duty on cigarettes with old excise label, NCA reports.
Some 28.85 million boxes of cigarettes, or around 577 million pieces, are due to be destroyed this year. This amount is around three times lower compared to 2009.
The National Customs Agency aims at recovering the money to the business as soon as possible, which however depends on the economic operators, as the procedure requires their participation, too, NCA director Vanyo Tanov remarked.
Tanov reminded that the huge amount of cigarettes due to be destroyed last year slowed down the procedure and some of the excise duty has been recovered not before 2010.
"The legal amendments made by the end of last year, which restricted the over-stocking, and the good organization seriously decreased the amount of cigarettes, which now have to be destroyed, and the time needed to process the documents," Tanov added.
The procedure of excise duty recovery for cigarettes with old excise label, which have not been released at the market, was launched in end-2008 and kicked off in March 2009. Under the procedure, cigarettes producers and importers have to declare the amount of unsold cigarettes with old excise label before the customs authorities by March. The economic operator is allowed to choose whether to destroy the cigarettes or re-pack them in new boxes with new excise label.