Fake EUR 10,000, undeclared EUR 80,000 seized at Kalotina customs checkpoint


Customs officers at Kalotina customs checkpoint seized fake USD 10,000 and undeclared EUR 80,000 within a couple of hours. The money was seized in separate cases - at the exit and at the entrance to Kalotina.
In the frames of a check-up on a bus, travelling on a regular run from Sofia to Spain, customs officers hampered an attempt of fake currency smuggling. The fake USD 100 bills were found under the insoles of shoes. The old trainers were put in a new box and were even accompanied by a bill. There were USD 5,000 hidden in each shoe. The shoes were transported as unaccompanied luggage. Work on the case continues.
2 hours later, customs inspectors at Kalotina seized undeclared EUR 80,000. The money was transported in a car with German registration, driven by e Turkish national. At first, the man said he has nothing to declare before the customs but when the customs officers made a thorough search, they found the money under car's (BMW 7) coupe. Authorities seized a total of EUR 80,000.