Customs officers seized 13,300 pieces of cigarettes in the region of Svishtov and Gabrovo


665 boxes (13,300 pieces) of smuggled cigarettes were seized by customs officers in three separate checks in the towns of Svishtov and Gabrovo.
Customs officers at Gabrovo Customs Office seized 530 boxes of cigarettes during a check within the municipality. Cigarettes were found in a garage owned by a private individual.
In another case Svishtov Customs' officers found 109 boxes of cigarettes in another garage.
In the third case customs officers checked a motor ship Vitosha and SB9 navigable section of the port. They have found 26 boxes of cigarettes (with a limit of 2 boxes), covered with a foreign band and labeled DUTY FREE.
Seized cigarettes in the three cases are of the following brands MARLBORO GOLD, KENT, DAVIDOFF, SOBRANIE, ESSE, MORE, LUKIE STRIKE, WALTON, RAQEUEL, M1 CLASSIC and KING SIZE.