‘Suitcase traders’ carry illegal alcohol from Bulgaria to frontier markets in Romania


For the past three days customs officers in Ruse seized 120 liters of alcohol by citizens, mostly retirees who frequently travel to the market in Giurgiu. Liquids with the smell of vodka or brandy are carried into plastic bottles of 2 and 5 liters, without excise labels. There are no indications for the manufacturer, type of beverage alcohol etc. When measuring the alcohol content it was found that it runs from 33 to 40 percent by volume, but it is not clear what else the liquids contain.
In other cases, in two-liter bottles of beer is measured 85% alcohol content Under the provisions of the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouses Act, these drinks are excise goods which should be applied a number of specific rules - they must be in glass bottles to have statutory documents etc. The fine for this violation is not small - double the duty, but not less than BGN 1000, accompanied by the withdrawal of the product.