1.4 mln boxes of cigarettes seized close to Vidin Ferry Boat

TIR truck, transporting fake packaging boxes for cigarettes, has been detained by custom officers in the area of Vidin Ferry Boat customs checkpoint. The shipment consisted of 1.4 million boxes and 2,800 master-boxes for cigarettes. According to the documents, the TIR truck, which was with Bulgarian registration, was supposed to transport wrapping cardboard.
During the check, customs officers find only two pellets of the declared good. All the rest of 22 pellets were full of the stamped and cut cardboard aimed for production of packaging for LM cigarettes. The text on the packaging was written in Ukrainian.
According to documents, the truck was travelling to Austria. However, a check revealed that no such shipment is expected in the country.
A Phillip Morris representative analyzed the items on the field and it was ascertained that the packaging is fake.
Work on the case continues.