Illegal excise goods may be sold on tenders, states a draft bill

Illegal excise goods may be launched for sale on tenders as raw materials so as to be manufactured into other goods, as provided into a draft bill for a Regulation of the writ of sequestration of confiscated or abandoned excise goods to the benefit of the state.
Under the draft bill, alcohol and energy products will be launched on tenders with secret bidding, while tobacco products will be liable to obligatory destruction.
This is the first time for such a regulation to be worked out under the currently active Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.
The purpose of the draft bill is to reduce the amount of excise goods stored at the warehouses of the National Customs Agency. The sale of these goods will not only provide revenues to the state budget but will also cut the expenses of on storage, at the same time avoiding the risk of having these goods launched at the illegal market again.
The National Customs Agency operates dozens of warehouses throughout the entire country. Great part of the space is occupied by goods confiscated to the benefit of the state or by abandoned goods, which cannot be released at the market.
The full text of the draft bill is available on the official website of the National Customs Agency in the INFORMATION FOR THE BUSINESS - Other Information section.