U.S. experts to assist Bulgaria’s Customs Agency


U.S. experts will assist Bulgaria's Customs Agency, FOCUS News Agency announced.
Customs Agency chief Vanyo Tanov met Tuesday U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria James Warlick and U.S. experts. They discussed anti-terrorism cooperation, customs' performance, upcoming task, and others.
After 2001 the U.S. cracked down on the devices that are imported in the country through goods and which could be used in terrorist attacks, for example, said Tanov.
U.S. ambassador James Warlick congratulated the Bulgarian government on its measures to professionalize the customs agency.
In the past there were problems with the corruption in the Customs Agency and the time to address this challenge has come, said James Warlick.
He noted it is vital that the government take measures to collect all revenues in the key sectors - fuel, cigarettes and alcohol.