Clothes with fake brands seized in Ruse

Customs inspectors in the Northern city of Ruse seized 3,241 textile items (jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, belts and others). The check-up was carried out in the area of the Danube Bridge border checkpoint in cooperation between customs and border police officers.
The confiscated items bear the logos of Adidas, Nike, Jack Wolfskin, Motor Jeans, Redstar, Air, Cadilac and others. The imitations of brand cloths were transported in a heavy-freight TIR truck from Turkey to the EU.
The exact number of the items is as follows: 1,396 jeans; 591 sweatshirts; 481 skiing trousers; 155 belts; and others.
Under Regulation 1382/2003 and the Marks and Geographical Indications Act, Customs Ruse has signaled the official right-holders of the brands.