Customs officers at Lesovo hamper 4 smuggling attempts


Customs officers at the Lesovo customs checkpoint hampered 4 attempts of contraband import of commercial goods and cigarettes from Turkey overnight.
Authorities have seized 1,242 undeclared electronic toys, keyboards, computer mice, cameras, earphones and other computer accessories, as well as 3,340 pieces or 167 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamp.
The smuggled cigarettes were found in the personal luggage and under the clothes of three Bulgarian citizens from the city of Yambol, who entered the country from Turkey by car. The confiscated cigarettes are of seven different brands and all bear a ‘duty free' sign. The cigarettes were transported by a man and two women from Yambol, who have been drawn a statement of violation under the Customs Act.
The children's toys and computer accessories were found during a thorough customs check-up on a car with Romanian registration.
At the Bulgarian customs checkpoint the driver said he has nothing to declare. Authorities however searched the trunk of the vehicle and found the illegal goods. The 38-year-old Romanian was drawn a statement of violation under the Customs Act.