Customs officers found 80 boxes of cigarettes, wrapped with scotch-tape on the bodies of two women


1600 pieces / 80 boxes / of cigarette without excise labels have been wrapped with scotch- tape on the bodies of two women. The women were stopped for a routine check at Lesovo border checkpoint today.
26-year-old D.H. and 27-year-old A.I. from the town of Yambol have tried to cross the border on foot from Turkey to Bulgaria. The women said the customs inspectors that they do not carry goods or currency to declare. However in subsequent personal customs examination customs inspectors found 40 boxes of smuggled cigarettes branded "KING" with signs "For duty free sale only" wrapped with scotch - tape around the bodies of two women.
Two days ago a customs inspector at Lesovo border checkpoint have seized other 270 boxes of smuggled cigarettes affixed with scotch- tape on the bodies of four women. Burgas Customs Office announced the case. .
Total 27 460 pieces / 1373 boxes / of cigarettes without excise labels were seized by customs inspectors at Lesovo and Malko Tarnovo border checkpoints in the last few days.