Serbian citizen tries to evade customs check at Kalotina border checkpoint


A Serbian national has tried to escape from customs check and was returned back thanks to traffic police officers, press centre of the National Customs Agency (NCA) announced.
This morning customs inspectors at Kalotina border checkpoint stopped a Mercedes car with Serbian license plate for a check. During the inspection the customs officers found something wrong with the bumper of the car and asked the driver, Serbian national D.Z. to drive the car into the garage for more detailed check. D.Z. got in the car but instead of entering the garage he made an attempt to escape as crossing the lifting gate of the border area. Traffic police authorities in the town of Sliven have immediately being informed on the case and the offender was arrested near the town of Dragoman and was brought back at the checkpoint where his car underwent a detailed check. During the check the customs officers have found 80 boxes of smuggled cigarettes in one of the car doors and in a special compartment next to the exhaust-pipe.