TIR truck driver tries to smuggle 645 perfumes


TIR truck driver tried to hide some 645 perfumes from the customs authorities. The Romanian national refused to give access to the truck to customs officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint. The driver was drawn two statements over violation - for smuggling and for hampering a customs check-up.
On Saturday a freight truck arrived at Lesovo checkpoint. The vehicle was travelling from Romania to Germany. While the customs officers were examining the documents of the shipment and were asking the driver whether there is anything to be declared before the customs, they noticed the undeclared perfumes and toilet waters in the driver's cabin.
The customs inspectors asked the 31-year-old Romanian driver to drive the truck to the hall for a thorough check-up. The driver agreed but when he got on the truck he locked himself in and refused to provide access to it. After the interference of Border Police the driver let the customs inspectors in and they found some 645 perfumes (Chanel, Gucci, D&G, Versace and others). The smuggled shipment is worth more than BGN 30,000.