Customs officers seized two shipments of smuggled cigarettes


A truck loaded with smuggled cigarettes hidden behind of consignment of meat was stopped at Kulata border checkpoint.
Another truck transporting illegal cigarettes was seized by customs officials at the region of Kulata border checkpoint. The refrigerating truck was with Bulgarian license plate and was travelling from Greece to Bulgaria. According to the presented documents the truck was loaded with chicken meat, but the customs inspectors found cigarettes hidden between the meats.
One more truck with illegal cigarettes was seized this morning in the region of Southwest Customs Office. The truck passed through Kulata border checkpoint this morning but made an attempt to avoid customs check. The truck was stopped along the road for Bansko resort in the region of Simitli and was escorted to the Southwest Customs Office. During initiated check was found that the truck was loaded with smuggled cigarettes hidden again behind consignment of frozen chicken meat. According to preliminary data each of the trucks contained about 800 master cases of smuggled cigarettes.