Customs Plovdiv seizes almost 10,000l. of fuel during check-ups at filling stations

Officers with Customs Plovdiv, the mobile customs groups and the Territorial unit of the Directorate for Fight against Organized Crime seized 6,336 liters of gas oil without documents for paid excise duty in a joint check-up. The illegal fuel was found at a filling station in the village of Gelemenovo, district of Pazardzhik. The company has been drawn a statement over violation under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act. Under the law such cases are punished with a property sanction worth twice the value of the due excise duty and confiscation of the illegal goods to the benefit of the state.
Meanwhile, late on Thursday the joint teams seized other 3,500 liters of diesel fuel, declared to be used for heating, during a check-up on a cistern truck without GPS-device and without documents proving paid excise duty. The freight vehicle was parked close to a filling station on the road between the city of Sadovo and the village of Cheshnegirovo. The check-up was carried out over a signal of motorway police.
Work on the case continues.