2 women try to smuggle cigarettes through Lesovo customs checkpoint

Customs officer at the Lesovo customs checkpoint drew two statements for violation against women over cigarettes smuggling. The women are aged 27 and 47. They were travelling in two different cars from Turkey to Bulgaria.
In the first case customs officers found and confiscated 1,960 pieces of King cigarettes, hidden in car's spare tire. A woman that was travelling in the car confessed the cigarettes were hers.
In the second case, customs authorities stopped a car for a thorough check-up. The car was driven by a man, who was accompanied by a woman. the officers found 3,800 pieces of cigarettes hidden in car's body, in the spare tire. Authorities also found cigarettes hidden attacked to woman's body. The cigarettes were of the brands King, Karelia and Viceroy and were bought from a duty-free shop.
The total amount of the seized cigarettes runs to 5,7650 pieces or 288 boxes.