22,160 pieces of cigarettes seized at Kalotina


Customs officers seized some 22,160 pieces of cigarettes at Kalotina checkpoint.
In the frames of a routine check-up on 3 cars with Bulgarian registration authorities found a total of 323 boxes of cigarettes with Serbian excise stamp. The cigarettes are of the brands York, Phillip Morris, Trocadero Slims, Marlboro and others.
The tobacco products were found under the car seats, in the personal luggage of the passengers or attacked on people's bodies. Five men and two women have been drawn statements for customs violations.
Meanwhile, customs officers found other 420 boxes of cigarettes of different brands during a search in the international train No 293 travelling from Serbia to Bulgaria. The cigarettes were hidden in a compartment, under a bed in the sleeping car, and in personal luggage.
Later on, in the frames of another check-up on the international train No 491, travelling from Serbia to Bulgaria, customs inspectors from Kalotina detained 365 more boxes of illegal cigarettes hidden in the cavities of the roof, in the toilet room and behind the sinks in the second carriage.