Smuggled gold and silver jewelry seized at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint

2.680 kg of smuggled gold and silver jewelry were seized by customs inspectors Malko Turnovo border checkpoint in checking Volkswagen Passat car with a foreign license plate. The car was traveling from Turkey to Romania through Bulgaria. The driver of the car and his three companions told the customs inspectors they have nothing to declare. But in a thorough customs inspection, customs inspectors found in four plastic bags hidden in two handbags and in the car body 236 items of gold ornaments weighing about 1200 grams and 300 pieces of silver rings, bracelets, earrings and other items weighing 1,480 grams. Total of 536 items of smuggled gold and silver with a total weight of 2,680 grams have been seized.
The case was submitted to the competent police authorities.