Passenger dissatisfied with customs inspection, try to break computers at Kalotina border checkpoint

Passenger who left dissatisfied with the customs inspection tried to smash computers and automatic device of the barrier near Kalotina border checkpoint. This was announced by the Customs Agency. Customs officers on duty at Kalotina Customs Office today made a thorough check of a bus traveling on a regular route from Spain to Bulgaria. The customs officers found small amount of cigarettes during the inspection of various places in the driver's cabin and in a baggage in the cabin. After the check the customs officers found that part of the cigarettes belong to passengers from the bus and are legal within the frames of the allowed two boxes.
After the ownership of 20 boxes of cigarettes was not established the customs officials proceeded to draw up a statement. While customs officers shaped the documents one of the passengers with the initials K.M. invaded in the service room and took a computer monitor and started hitting it in the asphalt in front of the car and then threw it to the barrier and broken its automatic device.