325 boxes of cigarettes, 120 machine parts seized at Kalotina over the last days


Some 325 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamp and 120 machine parts have been seized by customs officers at the Kalotina checkpoint in three separate cases.
In the frames of a customs check on the sleeping car of international train No 490 travelling from Turkey to Serbia, the customs officers on duty dismantled a cavity space under one of the bads and found 120 machine-tools.
Few days later, in another international train travelling from Serbia to Bulgaria, customs officers found 45 boxes of smuggled Classic and Classic Slims cigarettes, hidden in the corridor in one of the carriages.
Statements over customs violation have been drawn against unknown perpetrators on both cases.
Other 280 boxes of smuggled cigarettes have been seized at the Kalotina checkpoint during a check on the international buses travelling from Nis to Sofia. Authorities drew a statement over customs violation on the driver of a bus - a Bulgarian national with initials B.S.