29,800 pieces of cigarettes seized at Malko Tarnovo, Lesovo checkpoints

Some 29,800 pieces (1,490 boxes) of cigarettes without excise stamps have been seized by customs officers on Monday at the Malko Tarnovo and Lesovo customs checkpoints, while hampering two attempts of tobacco products smuggling from Turkey.
Some 26,600 pieces (1,330 boxes) of cigarettes of four different brands have been found and confiscated at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint. The illegal cigarettes are of the brands Assos, Royal Red, Royal Blue and Ashima. They were hidden in the luggage-carrier of a passenger's bus with Turkish registration. The driver and the passengers said they did not know whom the cigarettes belong to.
Other 3,200 pieces (160 boxes) of cigarettes have been seized from a car with Bulgarian registration, travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria, passing through the Lesovo customs checkpoint. The cigarettes were of the Karelia Slims brand and were found under one of the car seats. A 31-year-old Bulgarian national has been drawn a statement over customs violation.