Customs Agency will meet 100% of its annual plan


According to preliminary data for 2010 nearly BGN 6.6 billion revenue collected by the National Customs Agency, will be poured in the budget. This is 100% implementation of the annual plan. Compared to 2009 the agency will provide BGN 250 million more revenue to the state budget.
It is expected revenue from VAT on imports to amount to BGN 2.877 billion, or nearly BGN 500 million more than last year. Revenue from excise duties amounted to about BGN 3.6 billion, and from customs duty will amount to about BGN 117 million.
In 2010, the Customs Administration has collected BGN 2.237 billion revenues from excise taxes on fuel or BGN 22 million more than in 2009. For the same period BGN 66 million more was paid back to traders for fuel excise taxes (BGN 443 million in 2010 and BGN 377 million in 2009). Net revenues from excise duties amounted to BGN 1.794 billion, which is BGN 43 million less than the previous year.
There is significant growth in revenues from excise duties on alcoholic drinks compared to the last year. Net revenue from excise duties on alcoholic beverages rose by 64 per cent, or about BGN 58 million more - from BGN 91 million in 2009 to BGN 150 million this year.
Revenue collected from excise duties on tobacco products are BGN 100 million less. In 2009, excise duties on tobacco products amounted to BGN 1.788 billion, while in 2010 - to BGN 1.686 billion.
The efforts of customs administration in 2010 were targeted mainly in the fight against smuggling and evasion of excise duty. Since the beginning of the year, customs officers have seized 242 200 000 pieces cigarettes. For comparison - in the period 2007-2009 were seized only 53.6 million pieces of smuggled cigarettes.