More than 1.7kg of heroin attached to passenger’s body seized at Malko Tarnovo checkpoint

Some 1.713 kilos of heroin, divided into four packages and attached to the body of a passenger, have been seized at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint. The offender is a Bulgarian national, travelling in a passenger's bus running from Turkey to Bulgaria, the National Customs Agency reports.
At the customs checkpoint all passengers of the bus said they have nothing to declare before the customs authorities. During the check-up, however, the customs inspectors found two packages, attached with scotch tape to the legs of one of the passengers, and other two packages hidden in the lining of his jacket.
The packages were full of brownish powder. The drug test made on the field responded to heroin of high quality.
The value of the seized heroin haul is estimated at more than BGN 214,000.