Customs Burgas seizes 35,00l of illegal diesel fuel


Customs Burgas seized 35,000 litres of illegal diesel fuel in the frames of a check-up at a filling station on the territory of the municipality of Burgas.
The check-up was carried out by a mobile customs group and officers with the Excise Duty Department with the Customs Burgas.
The illegal fuel was found in two illegally installed reservoirs, located close to the filling station. One of the reservoirs is an underground one and was fukk of around 30,000 litres of diesel fuel, while the second reservoir - built above the ground, contained 5,000 litres of diesel fuel.
The company that owns the filling station presented documents for the fuel, which turned out to be fake.
The two reservoirs have been sealed, while the company will be sanctioned under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.