Around 90,000 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps seized in Sofia


In a joint action of the National Customs Agency (NCA) and the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA), authorities busted a depot used for storage of cigarettes without excise stamps.
In a two mini-buses parked in front of the house of a 40-year-old man, authorities found 88,280 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamp - 53,000 boxes of Raquel; 22,450 boxes of Marble; 2,690 boxes of Winner; 5,380 boxes of Privite; 4,600 boxes of Vigor; and 160 boxes of Lampsy.
According to initial information, the 40-year-old man used to supply the contraband tobacco products, which later on was offered for sale in Sofia.
According to data of Criminal Police, the man has a criminal record - he has been arrested n 2009 over storage and sale of excise goods without stamp.