Total amount of cigarettes seized at Ilinden checkpoint runs to 268,000 boxes

Some 268,000 boxes, or 536 master-boxes, is the total amount of smuggled cigarettes seized at Ilinden checkpoint, found in a truck transporting panels for prefabricated houses.
Last night, a freight truck arrived at Ilinden border checkpoint. It was travelling from Athens to Sofia and was registered in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, driven by two Greek nationals. The truck was transporting 18 panels for prefabricated houses. It was selected for a check and then redirected to Customs Bureau Gotse Delchev, where border police and customs officers carried out a joint check. Authorities found hidden cigarettes in the side-panels. Authorities revealed that only the panel placed on the top were regular ones, while the others were full of smuggled cigarettes. The size of the panels allows entire cartons of cigarettes to be hidden inside.
The two Greek nationals are under arrest.