Customs officers at Lesovo checkpoint foil 2 cigarette smuggling attempts

Customs officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint have foiled two cigarettes smuggling attempts from Turkey.
Some 4,470 pieces (237 boxes) of Karelia and EVA Slims cigarettes have been found and confiscated from two cars with Bulgarian registration. The cigarettes were found in cooperation with border police officers.
Some 2,400 pieces (120 boxes) of cigarettes were found in the upholstery of a Citroen car, driven by 30-year-olf Bulgarian from the city of Yambol. Other 2,340 pices (117 boxes) of cigarettes without excise stamps were found hidden in the roof of a VW Golf car, driven by 26-year-old Bulgarian from Yambol.
Some 11 attempts of cigarette smuggling have been hampered at Lesovo checkpoint during the week. A total of 36,820 pieces (1,841 boxes) of cigarettes have been seized so far.