Fake sports goods seized at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint

Textile items, in violation to the trade mark law, have been detained in two separate cases at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint.
Customs officers selected for a check a heavy-freight vehicle with Bulgarian registration, travelling from Turkey to Sofia. During the check authorities found and confiscated a total of 8,900 pairs of socks bearing the brands NIKE and 90 pyjamas of the HELLO KITTY brand. The fake items were divided into 16 bags put among 393 freight boxes.
Earlier today, again at Kapitan Andreevo, customs officers checked a bus transporting passengers, travelling on a regular run Turkey-Sofia-Greece. Authorities found textile items - blouses, t-shirts, bags, sports sets, raising suspicious about violation of intellectual rights,
The items are owned b two Greek citizens. The items were bearing the logo of the original brands ADIDAS, TOMMY HILFIGER and PRADA.