Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo seized cigarettes from 112 “suitcase traders”


Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint seized 1,590 packs (31,800 cigarettes) from 41 passing travellers. The reason behind the sanction is that the passengers had exceeded the non-excisable limit of two packs per person, the National Customs Agency reported.
Almost five times more - over 7,570 boxes (151,580 cigarettes) were seized via the risk analysis method, as the customs officers thoroughly inspected passing cars and busses. 71 statements for violation of customs regulations were made, as only 4 of them were against unknown perpetrator.
A total of 9,169 packs (183,380 cigarettes) were seized in 112 cases. The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior was approached in 5 of the cases, when the quantity of contraband cigarettes exceeded 200 packs, and 5 pre-trial proceedings were initiated.
The highest number of statements was made during the Monday's night shift, when 31 attempts for illegal import of tobacco products were prevented.