Customs officers in North Bulgaria seize marked fuel


Over the last couple of days there are mass check-ups on illegal fuel in car tanks in the Northern city of Ruse.
The customs check aim at ascertaining whether the used fuel contains a marker, which goes along with excise duty.
So far authorities have ascertained three cases, which require administrative sanctions.
The marked fuel goes with lower excise duty of BGN 50/1,000l, instead of BGN 651, which is for the gas-oil.
Fuel, coloured in blue, is aimed for ships, while fuel coloured in red - for heating installations. There is a ban on marking the gas-oil no matter the rate of the concentration.
Customs Ruse alarms that violators are liable to sanctions of BGN 100 to BGN 500 for physical persons, and BGN 5,000 - BGN 10,000 for juridical persons.