Customs officers at Malkot Tarnovo, Lesovo checkpoints foil 6 cigarette, meat smuggling attempts


Customs officers at the Malko Tarnovo and Lesovo checkpoints foiled six cigarette and meat smuggling attempts overnight.
Authorities found and confiscatedome 10,120 pieces (506 boxes) of cigarettes without excise label and 80 kilos of raw calf meat.
The illegally transported meat was found hidden in the tank of a car with Bulgarian registration, travelling from Bulgaria to Turkey through the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint.
Meanwhile, some 7,120 pieces of contraband cigarettes were found in specially designed secret compartments in four cars with Bulgarian registration. Three of the vehicles were entering the territory of the country from Turkey through the Lesovo checkpoint, while the fourth one - through the Malko Tarnovo checkpoint.
3,000 pieces of cigarettes without excise label, seized in the luggage space of a passenger's bus travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria through Malko Tarnovo. No one in the bus claimed ownership of the illegal cigarettes.