Passenger tries to smuggle over 2 kg of amphetamines into spongebag at Gyueshevo crossing


Customs officers at Gyueshevo border checkpoint detained a passenger who tried to smuggle 2.155 kg amphetamines during scrutiny check of a bus, press office of the National Customs Agency reported. On March 29, when checking a passenger bus, travelling on a regular line Sofia - Bitola, customs officers at Gyueshevo border checkpoint ask all passengers to remove their luggage. During the review of the suitcases an outside observer noticed that one of the passengers behave strangely and tries to hide from the eyes of customs officers. In subsequent secondary check of the suspect passenger - 21-year-old Macedonian citizen, was found a black spongebag, which he has tried to conceal. In a small travel bag customs officers found 2.155 kg of amphetamines in packages wrapped in brown tape.