Dangerous synthetic drug for 1 million seized by customs officers at Sofia Airport


Customs officers at the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking at Sofia Airport seized 6kg of Mefedron, coins from BC and EUR 7000 in total of 6 identical shipments, the National Customs Agency announced. On March 15, 2011 during a routine inspection in a warehouse of express courier company the employees of Fight against drug trafficking directorate at Sofia Airport Customs discovered two packages containing a total of 2 kg. white powder. In view of the disclosure of similar attempts of drug substances, the anti-drug units triggered control system AIR SHIELD and on the next day they detected four such packages containing more 4 kg. with identical powder. The sender is a fake Sofia company, and the recipient is in an EU member state. The analysis of the Central Customs Laboratory shows that the substance is 4-Methyl Methcathinone (Mefedron) - highly risky for mental health and synthetic drug, used mainly by young people aged between 15 and 20 years.