Customs officers seize around 130,000 pieces of cigarettes, hand-rolling tobacco and air gun

Customs officers at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint have seized smuggled cigarettes found in a special secret compartment in the place for the spare tyre in a car with Bulgarian registration, which arrived at the checkpoint late last night.
The vehicle was leaving the territory of the country and was driven by a Romanian national (woman). During the search customs officers found 500 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps.
Over the last few days customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint have seized a total of 4,716 boxes of cigarettes and 9 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco. Authorities have drawn 35 statements for customs violations under the risk analysis method and seized 1,905 boxes of cigarettes and 3 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco.
For the same period customs officers have confiscated other 2,811 boxes of cigarettes and 6 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco from 96 people, who have crossed the border.
Meanwhile, mobile customs groups at the Kulata border checkpoint stopped a passenger's bus for a check and found 327 boxes of illegal cigarettes in the luggage of one of the passengers.
The biggest amount of cigarettes have been seized at Kalotina border checkpoint, where customs officers seized 861 boxes of illegal cigarettes in the luggage of two Bulgarian nationals (women), who were leaving the country by passenger's bus travelling to the Great Britain.