243 seizures of counterfeit goods since the beginning of the year

On April 26 we mark the World Intellectual Property Day. The National Customs Agency (NCA) is one of the institutions which task is protecting intellectual property rights.
The National Customs Agency carried out 243 seizures of fake goods since the beginning of the year now. For another year, textiles and perfumes are among the most counterfeited goods. Attempts of illegal import of authorized stimulants are also common. They are particularly dangerous for consumers because their obscure ingredients can cause dangerous side effects and contraindications.
One of the most interesting seizures was carried out by customs officials in Varna Customs Office. In a container arriving from China, they found 28,954 packs of VIAGRA, and 34,470 packs of similar preparation - CIALIS. The total number of the illegal pills has 184,756 tablets. In another container, customs officers found 6,098 cups with inscriptions NESCAFE.