Customs officers seize 6 skimming devices for a day


Two of the skimming devices seized in a courier's delivery, while the rest - in passenger's personal luggage

Four skimming devices, hidden in a toy and in the clothes of a passenger, have been seized by the customs officers at the Kalotina customs checkpoint.
The smuggler - a 29-year-old Bulgaria, was travelling by bus on a regular run to France. During the check, customs officers found a toy - a car driver by remote control, in a sealed box. On the back of the styrofoam box customs officers found two mouths of ATM and two readers. In the suitcase of the passenger, authorities found two packages full of 2 plates, 2 USBs and four batteries, hidden in clothes. A fake ID card was found in the personal luggage of the passenger.
meanwhile, customs officers found 2 skimming devices in a courier's package coming from Canada. The devices were hidden in an MP3 player.