Large amount of fake sports items seized at Lesovo, Kapitan Andreevo checkpoints

Some 422 pairs of trainers, 160 sweat suits, pairs of jeans, shorts, t-shirts and trademark labels have been seized at the Lesovo and Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoints.
On April 16, customs officers checked a freight truck with Turkish registration, travelling from Turkey to Romania at the Lesovo checkpoint and found 160 fake Adidas and Nike sweat suits, 50 pair of kid's Burberry jeans and 60 pairs of kid's shorts and t-shirts of the Disney and Hello Kitty brands.
On the same day, authorities at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint stopped for a check a bus with Romanian registration and found Adidas 96 pairs of trainers.
On April 17, at the Kapitan Andreevo authorities found other 142 pairs of Adidas and Nike trainers in the luggage of a Romanian national travelling in a passenger's bus with Turkish registration.
On April 19, customs officers at Lesovo found 15,000 Nike labels.