83,400 pieces of contraband cigarettes, 4 kg of hand-rolling tobacco seized at Kapitan Andreevo, Lesovo checkpoints


Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo checkpoints have seized 4,170 boxes of cigarettes and 4 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco over the last three days.
Customs authorities at Kapitan Andreevo have detected 59 passengers crossing the border with amount of tobacco products that exceed the admissible cap. Some 1,467 boxes of cigarettes and 3 kilos of tobacco have been confiscated. Other 2,194 boxes of cigarettes and 1 kilo of hand-rolling tobacco have been found hidden in vehicles.
Customs authorities have drawn 35 statements for customs violation.
Some 10,180 pieces of contraband cigarettes have been seized at the lesovo checkpoint in 3 cars and 2 trucks.
Customs authorities have drawn 5 statements for customs violation.