Customs officers foil 5 cigarette smuggling attempts at Lesovo checkpoint

Customs officers have foiled 5 cigarette smuggling attempts from Turkey at Lesovo customs checkpoint during the weekend.
Some 8,600 pieces (430 boxes) of cigarettes of seven different brands, all without excise stamp, have been seized during the checks. The violators are citizens of the Bulgarian towns of Yambol and Sliven.
In four cases, customs officers have found 365 boxes of smuggled cigarettes, hidden in secret compartments in cars entering Bulgaria from Turkey. The vehicles were with Bulgarian registration.
Other 65 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps were found on the body of a 41-year-old Bulgarian woman from Yambol. The cigarettes were wrapped around her body, and covered with sello-tape.
The confiscated cigarettes are of the brand Karelia, EVE, EVA Slims, Assos, L&M, King Red, Atlantis, all with ‘duty free' label.