Cell phones, accessories seized by customs officers at Kalotina checkpoint


Some 94 cell phones, 640 displays, 900 panels and 37 kilos of tea have been found by customs officers at the Kalotina customs checkpoint. The smuggled goods were found in a luggage put under a car seat.
In the frames of a routine check on a car with Austrian registrations, customs officers found in a bag hidden under the car seat some 94 BlackBerry and Samsung cell phones, 640 displays for cell phones of different brands and 900 panels again for different cell phone brands.
Customs authorities also found 52 packages of tea, weighting a total of 37 kilos.
The driver, a 47-year-old Austrian national, said that the goods do not belong to him, adding he is transporting the luggage of a friend of his for which he was given USD 100 fee.
The driver was drawn a statement for customs violation.