Around 3kg of opium hidden in cigarette boxes seized at Lasovo checkpoint


Some 2,628 kilos of opium, hidden in cigarette boxes, have been seized by customs inspectors at the Lesovo customs checkpoint in the frames of a check on a car entering the territory of the country from Turkey.
The car was with Romanian registration, driven by a 25-year-old Romanian national with initials L.C. from Bucharest.
He told customs authorities he has nothing to declare. During the check, however, customs officers found 220 panels and 180 chargers for cell phones, as well as a plastic bag full of 4 cartons of 40 boxes of cigarettes, which seemed unusually heavy. During the check it turned out that the 36 of the boxes did not contain cigarettes but pressed brownish resinous substance, which reacted to opium.
The Romanian national was drawn a statement for customs violation and has been arrested.