Bulgaria reduces Danube Bridge tolls as of June 1

Bulgaria unilaterally reduces tolls for crossing Danube Bridge as of June 1 in accordance with a government decision adopted on 21 March 2011.
The tolls for cars and vehicles 8+1 seats are slashed from EUR 6 to EUR 2 as of June 1. The toll for all other vehicles remains unchanged.
According to preliminary forecasts made on the basis of 2010 data the incomes are expected to come down by about BGN 7,000, if an average of around 900 cars crosses the bridge every day. This is not more than BGN 2 million annually. In 2010 the tolls for crossing Danube Bridge ran to some BGN 28 million.
Customs Agency expects its incomes will not change, because the lower toll would be compensated by the higher number of cars using the bridge, especially if Romania makes the same move. In addition, the measure is supposed to produce an economic effect by making tourist and business trips easier and forging business contacts.