45 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco seized in tourist bus at Malko Tarnovo checkpoint


Inspectors at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint seized a total of 45 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco from three passenger's bags found in the luggage room of a tourist bus. The bus was with Turkish registration, travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria on a regular tourist run. It crossed the border at 00:30 a.m.
None of the passengers claimed ownership over the tobacco.
Other 8 smuggling cigarette smuggling attempts from Turkey were foiled at the Lesovo customs checkpoint in the past 24 hours.
Customs officers seized 8,220 pieces or 411 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamp and around 1 kilo of hand-rolling tobacco.
The smuggled tobacco products were found hidden in cars with Bulgarian registration.
A total of 75,960 pieces or 3,798 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamps and 51.7 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco have been seized since the turn of the month at the Lesovo and Malko Tarnovo checkpoints.